For the love of Lace

Things have been a little crappy around here lately, he who shall not be named became President of the United States, Brexit is still happening, the weather has swiftly changed into winter and my anxiety has been on full whack. Sometimes when you feel low and down about the world around you, however big or small your problems are, putting on something that makes you feel like a bad ass can really help lift your mood. When I shot this look for my Marie Claire column I remember feeling like one of the girls from the Craft circa 1996, minus the crazy hair styles of course. On those days when you are feeling low, and you can't see the good, or the light in anything try to remember that we as human beings and especially as women are incredibly resilient, we can get through the hard times, we can band together, seek help and support from our loved ones and make it through. If you are having a bad day, week or month, I am sending you heaps of love.


Lace Maxi Dress 

- Simply BeHeeled Chelsea Boots - 

New Look Wide Fit 

Denim Jacket - Vintage - Similar here at