Coats to keep you warm this winter

Elvi fur close up.JPG

Winter is here, the heating is on in my house every day now, as soon as I get in I switch that bad boy to full whack, because there is nothing worse than feeling a chill in your own home am I right? Now that we are heading into the colder months, finding a warm coat is imperative, as sadly we can't all just lock ourselves away in the safety of our warm houses (that would be the dream though) and I think I have founder the winter warmer winner - The Faux Fur ( Faux always because eww to hurting baby animals for fashion)I love me some Faux Fur, both aesthetically and for warmth, when I wear it I feel like a boss lady who also happens to be toasty and warm laughing at all the suckers out there in their light coats.

As always Elvi delivers with style and

this coat is a winner.

See below for a round up of my favorite Faux Fur looks: