My Wedding Day Prep

The most important part of a wedding day is the fact that you are marrying your partner, everything else is just details, but of course every woman wants to feel beautiful on their wedding day. When prepping for the big day there were a few things that were on my must do lists to ensure I felt good and today I thought I would share those with you.

Booking a Spray Tan

I knew I wanted a golden glow for my wedding and being that I hadn't been in the sun since April a spray tan seemed the best option. I asked around on the internet and tons of you recommended a

St Tropez spray tan

, thanks to the lovely PR team at St Tropez I was invited for a complimentary spray tan two days before the wedding. I made sure to give myself a good body scrub using their

tan enhancing body polish

. I avoided any creams or perfumes on the day off and I headed to the salon space with something loose and baggy to avoid streaking. The therapist that completed my spray tan was such an utter babe and I felt completely comfortable being topless in front of her which is something that happens if you go for a full body tan. I felt a little tacky after she was finished but it soon dried, and there was a very slight spray tan smell but nothing overpowering. The results were amazing, when I took a shower the next day I was left with the most wonderful golden glow, like I had stepped straight off a plane from the Caribbean, on the wedding day so many people complimented my tan so I will 100% be getting another one again soon. 

Booking a Wax 

Now I know that waxing isn't for everyone but I am a huge fan of it, I really enjoy feeling smooth and hair free, it's a personal choice and not one I expect everyone to agree with. Again thanks to the wonderful PR team at Ministry of Waxing invited me to get a full wax of my legs, underarms and bikini at their Chelsea branch on The Kings Road. Above the Wanted Man cafe (which by the way is a yummy place to grab brunch) you will find

Ministry of Waxing


Brow Haus


The ladies there are SO lovely and professional, my therapist was an absolute dream and not once did I feel uncomfortable. I'll keep it real with you here, waxing isn't pain free but as waxing goes this was one of my least painful experiences I've had. The high quality wax used really helps with the pain during the hair removal process. I also found I was hair free for close to a month which is rare for me when using other wax services. Even though the Kings Road is a little further for me to get to I will definitely reuse these guys again because it was honestly such a lovely experience.

Booking the perfect Hair Stylists 

For me personally my hair in particular makes up such a huge part of who I am. It's my signature, and it is the one thing I truly love about myself, for that reason alone I knew it was important to find a good hair stylist for my wedding. Having been on a number of photos shoots over the last four years I have come to learn how my hair works, how it curls and how I personally like for it to be styled. One thing I knew for sure when thinking about how I would style my hair for my wedding day, I knew that I didn't want the traditional wedding 'hair up' look. Being that I only wear my hair down, having it up just didn't make sense, I wouldn't have felt like me on my wedding day no matter how lovely the style. What was important to me was to find someone who had the technical skill to keep my massive main of hair curled for the day and that's where

Smuk London

came in. Miabella and Kristine are a hair dressing duo of dreams, not only are they one of the kindest, friendliest hair stylists I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, they were also extremely talented. In fact these girls saved my day by firstly taking a super last minute booking from me (I left organising my hair pretty late and these girls set to work to help me with just a weeks notice.)  and also jumping the rescue when had some issues with my bridesmaids hair. Not only did they work on my hair  on the morning of the wedding but they also fixed and re-did the hair of my four bridesmaids. Using high end products by ORIBE and their excellent talents they made my hair and the hair of my bridesmaids look incredibly beautiful and I truly would recommend them to anyone in a heart beat.

Booking a professional Makeup Artist 

Not only did I have the perfect hair stylists but I also had the most perfect makeup artist. Again having had my makeup done a number of times on photo shoots I knew exactly what I wanted - zero fuss with a touch of glam. Sharlotte Jacks my MUA did this and more for me, I don't think I have ever been complimented on my makeup as much - it was utter perfection. Again I went against tradition and opted out of the neutral/nude lip in favour of a bold coral red.

Lady Danger was my lipstick of choice

and it felt

so me.

Again I would recommend Sharlotte over and over, not only did she do a perfect job of me but also of my four bridesmaids, that's right my girl knocked out five perfect faces in three hours. Again I was incredibly disorganised and didn't really do a proper trial which I would advise against if you are not used to having your makeup done. The most important thing is feeling comfortable and being okay with saying no to something you don't like, trust me professional MUA's and Hair Stylists will understand, after all it is your wedding day.

So that's all for my wedding prep if you want to get in touch with the girls you can find them all here and links to the places for my waxing and brows are above. 

Smuk London 

Sharlotte Jacks Make Up

Photography: Insta Wedding 


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