I am me


At the end of March I sat, alone on a flight out of London Heathrow and contemplated my life. Just a few weeks earlier I received an email asking me to be involved in a major campaign for


one that involved the celebration of 8 women (me being one of them) and it was being shot in New York! Sitting on the crowded plane, I had to pinch myself that I was being flown out to the other side of the world by a brand, that I was about to check into an amazing hotel, with a team of really great people and have my photo taken by a renowned photographer. Not only that but I would get to connect with seven other incredibly inspiring women for the

I am Me Campaign 

As women we hold so much doubt about ourselves, about our abilities, about our experiences even about our success and its a damn shame. When my final image came back from the shoot with the title 'Inspiring' at first I was taken aback, to call yourself inspiring is a pretty bold statement, it almost felt a little vain. Then I realised that a huge part of my blog and my life is to help inspire my readers to be the best version of themselves, to be happy in their skin, to love their bodies and their minds. This is something I should be proud of. Just like everyone, I am flawed and it is those very flaws that makes me into the person I am today. I am so grateful for my life, my friends my fiance and right now I couldn't be prouder than to be exactly who I am.

 I am Callie. 

I am 27

I am a blogger 

I am a columnist for Marie Claire

I am passionate about helping women feel good about themselves.

I am a fiance to a wonderful man called Dan 

I am clumsy

I am loud

I am loved

I am me


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