A few weeks ago I spent a week in New York when I sent out there to shoot a campaign with Evans (more on that soon) and with my free time I made a conscious effort to see, do and eat everything! Even with shooting for three days I managed to squeeze in so much, and I thought it would be cool to share with you what I think are the must-do things in NYC. If you have any tips for places do leave me a comment below, as I would love to hear yours too!



For one of the best views of New York, Top of the Rock is a must visit. On a clear day you can see all of the New York skyline, and it really is a lovely photo keepsake. 


: Starts from  $26 per adult or for $47 you can see the Sun and Stars tour which is both the night and day included. 


: To save money and get the best of both worlds with your views my advise would be to visit around sunset. That way when you arrive you still get a clear view of the Skyline but also when it turns to dusk and the skyline starts to light up.

Where to buy tickets: You can buy tickets directly from the

Top Of The Rock

website or alternatively if you buy a

New York City Pass

you can make a saving on price and see some of your other favorite attractions



If you are looking for cooler, younger vibes then Brooklyn is a must, much like London high prices directly in the city have driven many artists and young professionals out where they have created their own local communities. Williamsburg is home to


an open air food and flea market, tons of vintage stores, cool coffee spots and really great restaurants. 

How to get there

: The nearest subway station is Bedford Avenue on the L train it is pretty simple or if you don't fancy the subway you can always take an Uber as these also run in NYC.

What to see

: Smorgasburg is a must, especially to see the amazing skyline that it looks on to, make sure to try the grilled corn which is covered in spicy cheesy crack. 

Artist and Fleas

 is a cool place to find lots of pretty hand made items, where prices are pretty reasonable! 

Where to Eat:

We ate at a little Mexican place that I don't know the name of but so many recommended the following:

Colonie – American style food, fried chicken.

127 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Buttermilk Channel (American style brasserie)

524 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231


You cannot come to NYC and not visit Central Park, you just can't! Even if you see just a small part like we did it really is worth it. The park itself is big so it would take a long time to get around it all but if you are up for the task then you can find all the details


If you don't fancy walking, at most of the entrances you will find groups of tuktuk drivers who offer deals to take you around by bike, this can be pretty pricey but if you want to see more with limited time this could be an option for you.



I mean this isn't an essential for a New York visit but it was something I always wanted to do, I guess having seen them in so many films and iconic TV programs it felt like a must do for me. Driving through Times Square was certainly an experience, that area is just wild! Although I would not recommend taking cabs everywhere, it can be pricey when on a meter stuck in traffic we found out the hard way a couple of times that some drivers will unfortunately rip you off by taking you longer routes. When you get in the car be sure to sound confident when giving your address, and have a rough idea of where you need to be before you go and you will be fine and dandy.



There is so much more to NYC than Manhattan and although most of the tourist led attractions are in that area don't be afraid to venture out to different parts. Harlem for example was so lovely to walk around on a sunny day after grabbing brunch at this super cute spot called

The Kitchenette.

The food here was home made American and it was so delish. I also heard that


is also a famous place to try Chicken and Waffles and you can find that also in Harlem. We also ventured downtown near Soho and Chelsea where there are a bunch of incredible brunch spots such as Egg Shop (more on that later) and


Highline which is right near the iconic

High Line sky garden

(photographed below) Again, these places are easy to get to using

City Mapper NYC

or simply asking at a subway station.



Oh boy, I hope you are ready for all the amazing food places that are out there in New York because I tell you what the food there is an experience in itself. Want a doughnut bigger than your face well my friends, there is a place for that, in fact its called


. Salted Caramel, Toasted Coconut, Nutella and Dulce Leche these are just some of the options for you to try. For teeny tiny doughnuts then NYC also has you covered with its shop



serving up flavours like Peanut Butter and Jelly, Coffee, Banana and Coconut, and maple potatoes and bacon, thats right bacon and potato flavoured doughnuts. We actually tried the little doughnuts at Chelsea Market, a foodies dream spot in downtown Chelsea full of so many interesting food places. Japanese burritos? Yep you can find

You must, must, must try a NYC pizza slice, another bigger than your face food item but worth every last bite. Cheesy, chewy, delicious. We stumbled upon a place called Amadeus Pizza when we were drunk and it was a no frills joint that made really, really good pizza. We also tried sober, you know for comparison ;) We also were recommended trying

Joe's Pizza 


Artichoke Basilles 

Egg Shop

is also not to be missed, located in Down Town near Soho this place does the best eggs I have ever eaten. The clue in its specialty is in the name, Dan and opted for eggs on home made biscuit with bacon, garlic Aoli and chipotle ketchup. PHENOMENAL and to be honest, I still think about it often. New York really is your Oyster so if you go, go wild, try everything, go everywhere! It really is the city that never sleeps.

If this little blog post wasn't enough then you can see what I go up to on my YouTube Channel and watch my NYC vlog! Any questions throw em my way!