Afternoon Tea at the Conrad London St James

Afternoon teas are so lovely, it feels like such a treat and as it is a quintessentially British thing I guess, nice to do at least once in your life. This Afternoon Tea was my first and now, wont be my last. The Conrad London St James kindly invited me along to try their new Autumn Bramble tea option which included Savories, Cakes and Pastries, Scones, free flowing champagne and of course Tea!  As always I went with the classic Earls Grey to start off. Dan went for this amazing black vanilla tea which blew my mind it was that good it had notes of jasmine and vanilla and was so smooth to drink. 

The Tea begins with Savories which was a firm favorite of mine, I am much more a savoury kinda gal and these sandwiches were really lovely and light. Salmon and Cream Cheese, and Coronation Chicken were my two favorites, the cucumber sandwiches just didn't cut it for me but only because I'm just not that fussed on cucumber. The little Brioche Rolls were in close second because who doesn't love egg mayo?

Next up you are served fresh, straight from the oven Scones. My god. these were good! Buttery, crumbly golden scones, just begging to be smothered in rich clotted cream and delicious fresh preserves. The berry curd (the light pink mousse) was interesting, although it was more like a foam than what I would traditionally call a curd. Think fruity and fresh which complimented the scones perfectly.

Now comes the pièce de résistance of the tea, the gorgeous Autumnal themed cake and pastry display. Made up of Chocolate bark, Blackcurrant & liquorice macaroons
Pumpkin cheesecake, Tonka bean & white chocolate mousse cake and Apple & blackberry tart there is something for everyone's taste. Be warned the macaroons turn your tongue blue, which after three glasses of champagne Dan and I found incredibly hilarious. My personal favorite was the chocolate bark and the chocolate mousse cake, but after all the scones, tea and sandwiches we just about managed to eat this. Make sure you ask for a box as they do let you take the items home!

Everything about the London Conrad St James is luxurious and lovely, right down to the bathrooms which I just had to get a snap in. Soft hand towels to dry my hands - yes please! Overall the experience was just lovely. Our waiter was a sheer pleasure, who talked us through the whole tea and recommend really excellent tea choices for us both. If you are looking for somewhere to treat your loved one this my friends is the place for you! 

*Thank you to the London Conrad St James for kindly inviting me to experience this Afternoon Tea complimentary. 

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