Transitioning to Autumn with Elvi Fashion

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London or more specifically British weather is always so hit and miss, at the height of our 'Summer' we have had thunder and rain, lots of clouds and that muggy, make you sweat from every orifice heat. Autumn is far more my cup of tea, and is my number one season for fashion. The cosy knits, boots, layers and of course my favourite dusters and coats all add to the passion I have for getting dressed up and feeling fabulous. The transition period between late summer to Autumn can be tricky, taking that leap from wearing no coats to wearing full layers can be a very challenging experience especially if you are like me and take public transport where it is just too hot to be wearing a coat inside but too cold to not be wearing one outside. My tip is for the start of this change over to start bringing back some knitted pieces, that are light but also warm. The Elvi cardigan/duster I am wearing above is a great option for this. Dusters are such easy pieces to wear and military green is a perfect A/W colour!

 photo 6e6cdb99-54a5-460d-887b-41f1170be42b_zpsvfr4mwhi.jpg

For those days when a cardigan just wont cut it introduce a wrap coat. I personally love how chic and made up they make me feel without really having to do anything. I also feel like I am walking around in a cosy fashionable dressing gown, and lets be real who doesn't love pjama style clothing. This camel belted coat from Elvi is a perfect throw on. Be warned though is creases very easily as I leaned by folding it in my bag when I got too warm to wear it. I kept the look super simple as you all know how much I love my minimalism.

 photo ad1ccce8-aa54-48e2-8390-bb0ebd141efd_zpsdwamnnlh.jpg

*This post is sponsored in partnership with Elvi as always my views on the clothing are my own.