Voucher Codes Swap Shop

Last week I was invited to one of the the most unique blogger events that I have ever been to. A Swap Shop. Voucher Codes created an event where us bloggers could make the best out of our unloved clothing. The idea behind the event was that you bring 5 items from your wardrobe that you would be happy to see go to a new home. When you handed in your items you would, in exchange get a stamp which would then allow you to purchase the items of clothing that had been swapped. As well as this the event had a Fashion Customisation corner from the ladies at Pinned It A really cool photo booth and some amazing Fried Chicken and Mac and Cheese from Mother Clucker. I had such a good night! I swapped in my 5 items and managed to find some really good bargains using my stamps. In all honesty there wasn't many options, clothes wise for me, simply because only a few plus size bloggers were there. However I managed to nab a brand new pair of Office shoes (which I will show you in my next outfit post as well as a really cute pink clutch from New Look and a cropped ( well it looks cropped on me) heart print sweater! Both my babe Billie and I had a lovely evening so thank you to Fleur and the Voucher Codes team for organising such a fabulous event.