Higher Heels.

This post is going to be short and sweet, I like to give you guys a break from incessant rambles and stories every now and then aren't I good to you! This weekend was sunny and bright so I got to try out my new shift dress *from Lovedrobe. I opted for this dress simply because it can be worn in so many ways, black dresses are always a win right? I sized right up for this dress, in fact I think I may have ordered a 26, if you want the baggy dress look then I would absolutely recommend that. Even at size 26 this was still a little cosy ( I am a 20/22). Also for those who like there dresses a little longer this dress is definitely a tights or a leggings jobby! I paired the outfit with my beautiful Anna Lou of London Venus Luxe Necklace which I am so in LOVE with guys and my super, super high heels that I got at last weeks voucher codes swap. They were so high that I was almost as tall as Dan and after a short walk to the high street my feet were dying, DYING. Might have to wear those bad boys in.

 photo 04-DSC_0719_zps38fbc9f5.jpg photo 07-DSC_0742_zps127eee1d.jpg photo 08-DSC_0753_zps068d2b83.jpg photo 05-DSC_0720_zps0188ef94.jpg