Lounge life.

This weekend wasn't spent quite as I planned. As you all know Friday was Valentines and as Dan and I are pretty broke we decided to have a non glam cheapish night in with drink, board games and reduced shit from Waitrose. Fast forward 5 hours and I'm crying clutching a hot water bottle in the fetal position in bed. Just my luck to get ill on Valentines weekend. FML. Monday was the first day that I started to feel a bit better and by better I mean not in bed day napping. Instead I got dressed to get some fresh air and wore my new Cut for Evans tunic dress, well I would call it more of a jumper dress but 'tomato, tomato' This little bad boy caught my eye at the Evans event on Wednesday. It's not something I would normally go for but I loved the idea of an over sized, bright, loungy jumper dress. Even though I only managed to get out to the shops and to take these photos, I stayed in my jumper dress all day on the sofa, watching Breaking Bad and feeling sorry for myself. That counts as at least one good day of the weekend right?

 photo 1-DSC_0554_zpsd816befc.jpg photo 2-DSC_0559_zpscbbb56db.jpg photo 3-DSC_0560_zps7b704965.jpg photo 4-DSC_0577_zpsffa3b7db.jpg

Tunic/Jumper Dress - Evans Clothing

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