Three step skincare with Proactiv+ and how it works for me

Proactiv+ three step skincare

Proactiv+ three step skincare

Okay, confession time, until maybe the last two or three years I had absolutely no interest in anything skincare related. My version of cleansing was a 99p pack of face wipes from Superdrug and moisturising was anything that was on offer at the time. It just didn’t seem important to me even though my skin was a mess. I put my skin issues all down to hormones and was on and off all kinds of contraception in a bid to get the glowy angel skin some of my friends had.

If I am realistic with myself it’s no wonder I have suffered with bad skin, I’d never taken the time to take care of it!

But things have changed and as I have got older and spotted more and more wrinkles I have been working really hard over the last few years to find the best skin care products on the market that work best for me and my skin. I like to use classic old school products mixed with new emerging skin brands. Whilst I wouldn’t class myself as an extreme sufferer I still  occasionally have breakouts, even now. I also have dark pigmentation and uneven skin tone which when paired with red and sore blemishes can make me feel pretty darn self-conscious.

This post will detail my experience using the ‘3-Step Core System’ from Proactiv+. I have tried to include both research that I have done from reading into the ingredients and personal products and the benefits that I have experienced to hopefully give you a well-rounded view of these products.

Proactiv+ three step skincare callie thorpe

Proactiv+ three step skincare callie thorpe


Proactiv+ three step skincare

Proactiv+ three step skincare


Stage 1 Skin Smoothing Exfoliator

After reading the skincare bible that is Caroline Hirons blog I knew that Salicylic and Glycolic Acid have great uses in a skincare routine and I was happy to see Salicylic as a main ingredient alongside Glycolic. I have had great success with skin acids in the past so was hopeful for this product, I also had a further look and saw Linolenic Acid listed as an ingredient and read up on what it was. This is a fatty acid liquid that functions as a skin-conditioning agent and skin-restorative ingredient. The plant-based omega-3 fatty acid that occurs in vegetable, flax seed, canola and soy oils has been known to help with skin concerns.

In terms of how it feels on the skin, this product can feel a little rough at first. Not in a bad way but in a getting-all-the-dirt-out kind of way and I felt it left my skin feeling really smooth and soft. I particularly loved using this product when I was travelling in New York - getting back to my hotel and scrubbing off all the dirt from a day running around the city felt really good.

Step 2: Pore Targeting Treatment

The main ingredient in step two again is salicylic acid. As well as helping remove dead skin cells this also helps unplug pores and reduce oil production. Now I know for sure that around that time of the month my skin is at its absolute worst, you could cook chips off my face with the amount of oil my skin produces around this time! When I first used this product, I did experience a kind of tingle sensation, but again as a skin acid user I am used to this kind of feeling and it was no way uncomfortable. According to the ingredients Lonicera Japonica (Honey Suckle extract) is present which has soothing properties. The only thing I did note after using this stage was that my skin did feel a little dry, I guess that has to do with the oil reducing properties and it was easily fixed with step 3 and adding additional serums as part of this regime.

Step 3: Complexion Perfection Hydrator

As with any stage in 'a no baby wipe in sight' skin care regime you need to hydrate. The final product of the 3-Step System again features Salicylic acid. This Hydrator contains antioxidants, nourishing prebiotics and botanical extracts as well as being Paraben-free. This all makes it the perfect addition to Step-2, which as I mentioned at points did make my skin feel dry. For that reason, I would not recommend skipping this step as your skin may feel tight without it.

As also mentioned earlier I personally suffer with pigmentation issues and sometimes sore and red blemishes. I can honestly say that I noticed a reduction in the red blemishes after using this for a month. I am not sure on the pigmentation yet, I think that will be a longer journey for me but I am excited to see how much this product can do.


I have definitely seen a direct improvement in my skin, especially when I used the products twice a day as instructed. When I was in NYC I used the product religiously and I had quite a few compliments on how glowy my skin was. My pigmentation is still the same but to be honest this product isn't something that promises direct improvement of this. During hormonal periods I still suffer with breakouts around my chin but I haven't had a major one since trialling the product.

I think if I was to repurchase this the current £24.99 price is pretty reasonable, many other acid products on the market are much higher and the fact that the kit has clear guidance on how to use each product I think it's worth it. I am really happy with these products and would recommend them if you are looking for help with blemishes or breakouts.

This post was a paid collaboration with Proactiv but all thoughts are my own.

Proactiv+ three step skincare

Proactiv+ three step skincare