La Redoute Plus - Why You Need to Check It Out

Most weeks I get a new email from a reader asking me to recommend places to find good, quality plus size clothing, and every time I send a list off with the same few brands, most of which ends with a reply of  'Oh I already know them'. The pool of choice has always been small for us plus size gals, especially when it comes to finding something a bit different that everyone isn't going to be wearing or for perhaps a more mature style vibe that you just can't achieve with other brands.This my friends is where La Redoutecomes in. The french online fashion retailer is popular for it's chic french style, and  of course itsgorgeous home-wear but many of us don't know that they have a plus size line. Well actually, selected pieces of their standard main women's range goes up to a 24 as well as havingCastaluna their dedicated Plus Size line which starts at size 14 and goes right up to 36.Just this week I visited their show room in London to work on a video talking through some of my favorite pieces from the website and I was more than pleasantly surprised to find that I had such a great choice of items. Jumpsuits, Dresses, Shirts, Jeans, Culottes, Dungarees they even have some gorgeous swimwear. It was so hard to choose! When choosing an item to shoot for this post it just had to be this gorgeous Culotte Jumpsuit because it was one of my favorite finds not only for quality but also for versatility for how to wear it. I only wish I could link it in, it was so popular on my Instagram that it has now sold out!

As you can see this is a perfect item to wear for perhaps a special occasion, like a wedding, Christening or a special night out. But as well as this it is super easy to dress down, I simply added a white tee underneath and swapped out my heels for some trainers which took the look from glam to casual instantly.

Overall I am so impressed with La Redoute and cannot wait to share with you the cool video we filmed together which highlights my favourite summer picks.

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