Summer of Love


Whilst this outfit in no way screams summer I cannot tell you how excited I am for the warm weather to come. As much as I love this

fur coat

more than life itself I am excited for the prospect of packing up my winter coat in favour of a light jacket (said in miss congeniality voice). Summer in London is always just the best. The beer gardens, the picnics in public parks, bike rides, rowing on the Thames, street food, bbq's,


(although lets be real there's never a huge amount of that, we are in Britain after all.) What I love most of all are the long days and the warm evenings where you can sit outside and before you realise its 9.30pm. Uhh I just love it. Of course the fashion is always fun in the summer and the 70's trend is still running strong. Bring forth all the floaty tops, fringing and oversized sunnies. I am so ready. Oh ps thank you to


who took this gorgeous photos for me!