Maltby and Druid Street Market London

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Food markets are one of my absolute favorite things about weekends in London. When the weather is lovely and bright, or even when its drab and rainy there is nothing better than meandering through endless food stalls and eating lunch in cool outdoor spaces. My usual haunts are Borough and Portobello market where you can get a ton of fresh fruit and veg/ cheese and street food however this particular weekend Dan and I fancied doing something a little different. After a few google searches we decided on trying out Malty Market in Bermondsy and boy oh boy was that a good shout. A sort walk from the station you will come across what I thought was Maltby Market, in actual fact we had arrived at Druid street market, a small yet busy and vibrant street filled with cute foody stalls and craft beer stands. We meandered along, picked up a frozen iced tea slush and then preceded to walk and find something for lunch.

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Decatur Cajun grilled oysters!

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After nosing around the few small stalls around druid street market we decided to venture further to find Maltby, the market we actually intended on visiting. Another 5 minute walk around the corner and a slight detour into a very cool reclaimed vintage shop we finally arrived at the bustling bright and super crowded market. As always we debated on what to eat as every stall looked tantalisingly inviting. Dan went for a Grilled Cheese Toastie and I went for this ridiculously delicious pulled greek lamb wrap with all the Greek trimmings a gal good ask for. Also can we address those scotch eggs- unbelievable. To finish off our lovely afternoon we wandered back through Druid Street Market and grabbed ourselves an Ice Cream Sandwich from the lovely guys at Blu Top Ice Cream. The ice cream here is just out of this world good. Home made and interesting flavors such as brown bread and jam toast we just couldn't say no. We went for the Brown Bread and Jam ice cream sandwiched between a snickerdoodle and double chocolate cookie, topped with salted pretzels AH-MAZING. We enjoyed our ice cream in the sun before we waddled home to the tube stuffed to the rim from all the yummy street food we tried. If you get a chance venture south to these hidden gems, but be warned go with an empty stomach and leave with zero regrets. 
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