Little black... Coat.

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Every winter we all search for the perfect coat, one that will keep us cosy whilst making us look hotter than Beyonce, unlikely but worth a shot no? Over the last few years my coats have been far more adventurous then ever before, more colour, different shapes and patterns all which have worked excellently with my ever growing wardrobe, however sometimes in the words of our dear Amy Winehouse 'I'll go back to black' Black', Sometimes a black coat is so slick and smart, it goes with everything and it a non fussy option for those days when you just can't be bothered. This IGIGI Lorenza wrap coat is the perfect example of this, its smart, yet stylish and actually really quite warm! I had a number of compliments on it when I was out and about and have worn it pretty much every day to work. If you are looking for a great coat to get you through Winter and Spring definitely check this one out it's a goodun I promise. 

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What I am wearing:

Coat - IGIGI
Jeans - Evans Clothing (added rips myself)
Bag - Simply Be

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