Wide fit Wellies

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For years and years I have been looking for a cute pair of Wellies and it was one thing I could just never get to work for me. No matter how many I tried on none would fit around my calf! It was totally frustrating and quite frankly uncomfortable. I even tried those little Wellie Boots, but they just didn't do it for me. Being that there is more rain here than in the UK than there is sun I always wanted to find one good pair that would be great for those rainy day walks or fun in the snow. In come Jilleon Wide Fit Wellies. I was sent these extra wide fit  wellies to try and I thought I would report back.

Firstly these really are wide fit, in fact I think I may have not even needed the extra wide at all there is a lot of room in these. At first I thought they looked too big and loose, but after some adjustments I managed to find a comfortable fit.  Secondly I kind of wish they didn't have the adjustment straps purely because I think they look a little chunky on the side, that said I am really happy with the fit and comfort of these and think I may even invest in another pair! Overall I am really pleased, so April Showers I am ready for you! For those interested in getting a pair be sure to use my discount code FCC20 

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