It's not all Black and White.

Have you ever loved a song so much that you over play it until you hate it? Well that is what I seem to do with fashion trends. I posted only last week that I was forming a love for 90's and Pastel Fashion trends and since then when ever I pick something out to wear I am veering towards casual, oversized dark clothing or pinks, mints and baby blues what is that all about?! I think as a person I am all or nothing I can't just like something I have to LOVE it. Something I have always loved is black on white. Monochrome is always in and I just don't think you can go wrong with it, they pair together like Bonnie and Clyde, Fish and Chips or more importantly Jay Z and Beyonce. Another item of clothing that I have declared my undying love for is a good Leather Jacket. My old New Look one which I have featured so many times on here has sadly seen better days and I was on a hunt for a replacement. Thankfully I finally found my shiny new one below from* Just Curvy  Being plus size often means that the items that available to us are far more limited than those of their straight size counterparts, as a blogger especially I try to get items that everyone else doesn't have by trying plus size sites/brands that aren't your usual ASOS curve, Simply Be and New Look Inspire so check Just Curvy out as they have some really great bits! The quality of the jacket is good, I went for a size 20 which actually came up fairly big so if you are interested maybe consider sizing down. The Cami dress is from *New Look and the comfiest thing I currently own, actually maybe not as comfy as the PJ's I am currently sat writing in but its's close.

 photo 3-DSC_0352_zps29b30b67.jpg photo 4-DSC_0351_zps281dcd7e.jpg photo 2-DSC_0339_zps3988edd8.jpg photo 7-DSC_0341_zps4459b8a4.jpg

Fedora & Back Pack - Primark
*Leather look Jacket - Just Curvy 

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